Women’s World Cup!

Can you believe the Women’s team has won four World Cup tournaments ?

What they have achieved is truly remarkable, and something we all get to celebrate together as Americans.  But! Now we move on to your favorite part! Were there any serious foot or ankle injuries during the tournament?  Here is an interesting statistic: the ankle is the most commonly injured body part during soccer, accounting for 20% of all injuries. Lower leg is next at 19%.  Of these injuries, approximately 80% are caused by collision/contact. Reports are still coming in, but here are a few we do know.

Jiahui Lou of China was taken off the field during halftime of a game due to an ankle injury. while playing China.  Close to the same moment, Dzseniver Marozsan of Germany endured a broken toe while playing against China, which caused her to miss the rest of the tournament.  Striker Lieke Martens of Netherlands sustained a toe injury, which caused her to miss the rest of the semi-final game and tournament. As a side note, both Rose Lavelle and Megan Rapinoe had some kind of hamstring injury.  If that kind of performance can be done with an injury, then imagine what full strength could produce!

Professional athletes at the highest caliber are known to play through injuries, and down play their own injuries to their own medical team in an attempt to be able to play.  They train their whole life for this moment, and may never get another, so it comes as no surprise. It always amazes me to see how these people can put mind of matter, and play through some pretty serious injuries.

Huge congrats to the Women’s team and all they have accomplished.  The Raleigh division is proud to be the official podiatrists of the Carolina Courage, who had 4 members of their team represent our great country at the World Cup!




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