Warm Weather Tips for Your Feet

As warm weather is approaching, many people love to wear sandals and flip flops. If you are going to be active then your feet need to have the proper support. The overuse of your muscles can create injuries by not giving your feet the adequate support they need.

Your average pair of shoes has a lifespan of 600 miles or 9-12 months. Check your shoes to make sure they haven’t lost support and shock absorption. You can give your shoes a check-up by evaluating that the uppers are not too soft and the soles aren’t showing wear. Replace your shoes if you find they are no longer providing your feet with the right support. Warm weather causes you to sweat more and wears out your shoes faster than the cooler months. Your local certified pedorthist at Richey & Co. Shoes can help you examine your current pair of shoes and if needed, find a better fit.

Tips to protect your skin:

Repeated burns on your feet aren’t just painful– they can lead to skin cancers. Make sure you are putting sunscreen on your feet to protect them from sun rays as well.

Swimming is a popular summer activity that most people enjoy! After you take a dip, dry off your feet before slipping on your shoes or sandals. If you’re going to stay outdoors after swimming, be sure to reapply sunscreen on your body as well as your feet if they’ll be exposed to the sun.

Walking barefoot on the beach might not seem like a big deal, however, there are many hidden objects in the sand that can cause cuts and abrasions such as shells, glass, and wood that can invite bacteria and lead to infection. If you get puncture wounds or cuts, monitor the area and seek medical evaluation to make sure you don’t have an infection. A doctor can prescribe antibiotics for you to prevent the infection from spreading. To reduce your chance of injury on the beach, you can wear sandals or water shoes to protect your feet.

You may not want to admit it but your feet sweat. You can prevent them from smelling or getting fungal or viral infections by simply using powder or antiperspirant on your feet. Another way to prevent your feet from being as sweaty is to wear wicking socks. We all have our favorite pair of shoes but in the summer try to change up which pair you are wearing from day to day. Your shoes need time to breathe and dry out and it will decrease your chances of getting an infection.

Nail polish is a great fashionable and fun accessory for many, just use it in moderation to allow your nails and toes room to breathe and get a little fresh air.

With these tips, your feet will be summer ready and most importantly–healthy. However, if you do encounter a problem, make an appointment with your local podiatrist who can help you resolve the issue and get your feet back in summertime shape.



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