Biomechanics & Orthotics


Pedorthics is the science of evaluating, fabricating, and delivering footwear to prevent or improve foot and ankle conditions both congenital and acquired. At FASMA, pedorthists, or "shoe fitting specialists" will use technology to produce high quality orthotics or customize the fit of your shoes. Customizing the fit of the shoe can often solve the foot problem. Orthopedic shoe modification by trained staff can aid in providing you with the help you need. It is a fact that the position of bones in the feet actually changes as we age. Moreover, research shows that many back problems result from foot imbalance or from one leg being longer than the other. Something as simple as a lift in or on the shoe can be an effective solution.  


FASMA incorporates the latest computer technology to fabricate orthotics. We use infrared laser scanning  to offer our patients the most technologically advanced orthotics available. This 3D scanning technology allows us to capture the shape and contour of the foot for the best treatment results and the highest quality orthotics. It is much more accurate and reliable than information captured by stepping on a mat or pressing the foot into a foam box. The digital cast and prescription is electronically transmitted to the lab. This means that your orthotics can fabricated for you in days, rather than weeks.