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Harrisburg, PA

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4033 Linglestown Road Suite 1
Harrisburg, PA 17112
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Dr. Allan Grossman has been a healthcare leader in the Central Pennsylvania area for twenty-five years. He believes in addressing the cause of the problem, not just the symptoms. Many foot and ankle conditions may resolve with conservative care and should be attempted before surgery, when possible. He performs functional (walking, reproducing the activity) exams and has treated patients from all over the world. Most patients don’t complain that they have pain and can’t function when sitting but feel great walking, working, or with activity. Then why do others examine patients while they are sitting in an exam chair instead of walking or running? After completing an Orthopedic Trauma Fellowship and a Podiatric Residency at Harvard Medical School affiliated hospitals, he had an enhanced perspective to treat the body as a whole unit. 

He is Board Certified by the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery and a fellow of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons. Working with the Computerized Gait Lab, Dr. Grossman has scanned thousands of patients with in-shoe sensors getting them back to work, sports, and activities. He sees Workers Comp patients and performs chart reviews for Highmark.

 Dr. Grossman is passionate about Orthotics and invented a new design that utilizes evidence-based medicine. He has been the principal investigator of many clinical trials and research to further the advancement of medicine. He has also been published in several professional journals, as well as Tennis Magazine. He has had the honor of lecturing both nationally and worldwide. He is a Certified Tennis Teaching Professional who played Division 1 tennis and coached at the collegiate level. He is on the National Sports Science committee for the USPTA. He was the Medical Director of the Harrisburg Marathon for 24 years, working with high-performance athletes and runners. He specializes in Sports Medicine, Surgery/Injuries, Diabetes and Wound Care, and supports both conservative and surgical interventions in both the adult and pediatric patients.  He thoroughly enjoys treating and working with children since he is just a big kid himself!

Dr. Grossman is the Associate Residency Director at UPMC Pinnacle Podiatric Surgical Residency program. He is responsible for teaching residents and medical students, both podiatric medicine and surgery, while instilling compassion and empathy for the patient. He is the Regional East Coast medical director for Restorix Health Wound Care Centers.

He believes it is essential to give back to medicine and the Central Pennsylvania community, which has given him so much. He and his wife of 30 years have two sons who he is very proud to have raised here. One just graduated from Law School, and the other is a fourth-year medical student.  Dr. Grossman believes that there are two types of doctors. One who is there for his patients and one who feels the patients are there for him. He considers it a privilege to be there for his patients and is excited to partner with Foot and Ankle Specialists of the Mid-Atlantic.



University of Pittsburgh



New York College of Podiatric Medicine



Cambridge Hospital/Harvard Medical School

  1. Harrisburg, PA

    (4.9 out of 5 based on 16 Ratings)
    4033 Linglestown Road Suite 1
    Harrisburg, PA 17112
    Phone: 717-651-0000

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  1. Dr. Grossman is excellent and has provided not only me,but other family members, with quality care for years. I have and will continue to refer to him.

  2. Doctor Grossman is as good as it gets!