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Podiatrists in Wheaton, MD

Dr. Adam K. Spector

Dr. Adam K. Spector

4.7 out of 5 stars


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Dr. Peter Brieloff

Dr. Peter Brieloff

4.9 out of 5 stars


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  1. Everyone at the office was very accommodating, excellent customer service and Dr Spector is very knowledgeable and knows how to put his patients at ease for surgery prep Highly recommendable!

  2. Dr. Spector is wonderful; truly a superior doctor.

  3. Dr Spector is always attentive, friendly, and persistent in his care.

  4. Great 1st experience!

  5. The doctor is always friendly and says hello, even if he's not ready to work on me. This last visit, I picked up my orthodics. I did not need to see him. Nonetheless, he stopped in my room, greeted me, and asked me if I needed him. He also asked what I was doing lately. As for the office staff, he has really trained them well. The office staff is wonderful. I'm always greeted as I enter, before i even write my name on the pad. If someone doesn't know who I am, and this is often, I still get a cheery greeting. Once I'm identified, I'm asked how I am feeling, how the summer (or other season) was and if there is anything new the office needs to know. I usually don't have to wait more than five minutes or possibly ten minutes.

  6. I've only needed to see Dr.Spector a couple times. In each case he has exemplified the level of professionalism I prefer in medical professionals. The man exudes an air of positivity and confidence that makes visits painless and stress free. I know this sounds like one of those cheeseball fake reviews, but his footside manor really does put me at ease. I can't recommend him enough.

  7. I liked the blues being played on the sound system.

  8. Dr. Spector is the best - we recommend him to everyone. And the office / medical staff are great.

  9. Dr. Brieloff is absolutely amazing!!

  10. I was very late because of transportation problems and they accommodated my lateness.

  11. Excellent service.

  12. I love going to this office to have my feet checked the doctor is so good he always [asks] me how life is going I love the secretary Monica very thorough with everything she [helped] me get new shoes I love the nurse that came in and measured my feet three different ways they are very thorough and also very kind I would recommend them [...]

  13. The doctor was very friendly, and took a personal interest in my case. He explained my condition in detail, showing me the x-ray results.

  14. The doctor is knowledgeable, patient, and has a [wonderful] sense of humor. Great vibe!

  15. Dr. Spector and his staff were fantastic !! Professional and caring :) They squeezed me in, took great care of my issue, and did it all with a huge smile and calmness. The entire staff made me feel welcome and comfortable. Thank you Dr. Spector and staff.

  16. I have been nothing but pleased with all of my interactions with this office. Everyone is wonderful!

  17. Addressed patient directly which was very helpful (for the parent).

  18. Thank you so much for the visit - I felt much better and hopeful after the visit. Happy Holidays!

  19. I was truly satisfied with Dr. Spector and his staff. They were very patient and calm. Explained the process very thoroughly and even provided me with contact numbers after hours if I had questions or concerns post surgery. I would highly recommend Dr. Spector and his staff.