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Rockville, MD (Shady Grove Rd)

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Rockville, MD (Shady Grove Rd)
15215 Shady Grove Rd, Suite 307
, MD 20850
Phone: (240) 268-7450
Fax: (301) 949-8833


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Monday9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Tuesday9:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Wednesday9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Thursday9:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Friday1:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Podiatrists in Rockville, MD opened the office in 2000. Dr. Adam Spector lives and raised his children in the area; he is well connected to the medical community there. Drs. Adam Spector and Peter Brieloff treat families of all ethnicities and patients of all ages. Dr. Spector especially enjoys treating children and teenagers. We also have a focus on sports medicine and provide expert advice to athletes of all levels, strategizing and planning an ‘active recovery’ from their injuries whenever possible. Dr. Spector co-founded the MCRRC Run Performance Lab and treats various athletes such as runners, bikers, swimmers, dancers, tennis players, martial arts, weight lifters…

We offer a relaxed and comfortable, yet professional environment. The rooms are patient friendly and the walls are decorated with jazz artists and sports figures while enjoyable (non-elevator) music is played to make the patient visit as pleasant as possible. The office is equipped with high-tech computer assisted digital x-rays and 3-D orthotic scanners.

Sufficient time is allowed for patients to receive personal attention from doctors and staff who genuinely care.


Podiatrists in Rockville (Shady Grove) are totally focused on our patients. We take a progressive patient-centered approach to evaluation and treatment using the latest in diagnostic technology.

While we are serious about our patients, we strive to be friendly, casual, and professional.

Our mission is to provide total foot care for each and every patient. Specializing in general podiatric medical and surgical care & advanced surgical techniques of the foot and ankle.


The Shady Grove office is at the corner of Research Boulevard and Shady Grove Road, above the Urgent Care and near That’s Amore Restaurant. We are accessible by Metro and bus lines.

Podiatrists in Rockville, MD (Shady Grove Rd)

Dr. Adam K. Spector

Dr. Adam K. Spector

4.8 out of 5 stars


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  • Spanish

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Dr. Peter Brieloff

Dr. Peter Brieloff

5 out of 5 stars


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  1. Very pleased with the service I received!

  2. Excellent doctor... have been a patient of dr for many years. The staff is also excellent... highly recommend.

  3. Dr. Spector is exceptionally professional and his treatment for my issue is always resolved. The support staff is professional and extremely competent. As a healthcare administrator for 40 years, I can attest to this top notch practice in every way.

  4. I really enjoyed meeting the staff and Dr. Spector. Enjoyable office visit, loved the music. Helpful information about my feet and how to move forward. Also a good heads up on getting a dexa scan.

  5. Very [pleased], thank you

  6. Dr. Madden was great! She was very thorough and wonderful at explaining what was going on during my procedure.

  7. Love the staff!

  8. Very thorough, honest, and experienced doctors.

  9. Doctor was Very Friendly, I feel good about my return Visit.

  10. There may be a hole in my foot but at least all the bad stuff was removed. Thank you

  11. Dr. Spector said that he was not able to make my appointment time at 1:30 PM because of an appointment he had. He did not say that this meeting he had was an emergency meeting, rather that he thought that he might be running late. With less than an hour's notice, my appointment was moved to 2:15 PM. Because of this change in appointment time for his convenience, two appointments that I had made for later that afternoon had to be cancelled. An emergency, I understand. For convenience sake, I find that somewhat rude. While I am glad the appointment was reschedules/changed, it was made two weeks previously and it would have been better had it not been changed.

  12. Dr. Madden was wonderful in preparing me for surgery. The surgery went very well and recovery is ahead of schedule. Post-surgical visit let me know what to expect next.

  13. Dr. Spector was very professional, focused, thorough and personable. He clearly explained the issues with my foot, the options for treatment, and his recommendations which I am following with, so far, good effect.

  14. Dr. Spector was very kind and helpful.

  15. Dr. Spector is always professional and takes care of my issues. He is very personable and makes the patient feel at ease.

  16. Have been going to dr Spector for many years. Excellent doctor, he has helped Me with my many foot issues.

  17. The office staff is pleasant, warm and welcoming. I wouldn't change anything.

  18. I was very impressed with how quickly I was able to get an appointment. The front desk staff, nurses, and doctor were all very friendly and helpful.

  19. Dr Adam Spector and staff are professional, competent and engaged with patients. My daughter recommended him to me and I have recommended him to my husband. One couldn't be in better hands for foot care.

  20. I met wing Dr. Madden who I have found helpful and communicative. [...] I made appointments with Dr. Madden thereafter, finding her more responsive and considerate.