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Laser for Nail Fungus in Newport News, Hampton & Carrollton VA

Toenail fungus is a very common problem that affects up to 13 percent of Americans. Unfortunately most of these people have resigned themselves to living with this unsightly condition. For the first time on the Peninsula, Affiliated Podiatrists is performing a new treatment so our patients can finally have healthy looking toenails.

In the past, many topical medications were used on the nails but proved to be very ineffective. Newer topical medicines have been more effective, but many times need another therapy to truly cure toenail fungus. In the past twenty years several oral medications have come out and proved to be more effective but came with many side effects including liver problems. The newest treatment of nail fungus includes use of a laser to kill nail fungus. The laser has demonstrated to be a very effective tool in both killing the fungus and restoring the nail to its normal appearance.

Laser treatment for nail fungus is safe and effective with little or no pain, just a mild warming sensation in the toes. The laser passes through the nail and does no damage to the surrounding skin, the laser we use can also be used to treat warts. Unfortunately this type of treatment is not covered by insurance as this is considered a cosmetic procedure. For some patients a second or third treatment is necessary and is done at no charge during the first six months. Please feel free to call if you have any questions about this new and effective procedure.