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Chevy Chase, MD

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Chevy Chase, MD
5530 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 945
Chevy Chase
, MD 20815
Phone: (301) 913-5225
Fax: (301) 913-9145


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Monday7:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Tuesday7:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Wednesday7:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Thursday7:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Friday7:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Our original office in Washington, DC was opened by Dr. Stuart Sibel in 1985. In 1992, Dr. Lee Firestone joined the practice. The original office closed and the Chevy Chase location opened in 2000 with podiatrists Firestone and Sibel practicing out of this centrally-located medical community. Dr. Erika Schwartz joined the practice in 2005. Later, Dr. Erin Robles-Sherman joined in 2013 followed by Dr. David Vieweger in 2016. Dr. Sibel retired in 2014. Our podiatrists are fully integrated in the community by participating in the local running scene.

It is our goal to provide an accurate diagnosis and targeted treatment plan that fit our patients needs. We strive for punctuality and efficiency in a professional and friendly environment.

Special Services Offered

  • On site X-ray and Diagnostic Ultrasound
  • Shockwave Treatment (ESWT) for plantar fasciitis and tendinitis


Our 5530 Wisconsin Avenue office is located near the Friendship Heights Metro stop (red line). Our building also has parking.


Podiatrists in Chevy Chase, MD

Dr. Erin Robles-Sherman

Dr. Erin Robles-Sherman

Dr. Erika Schwartz

Dr. Erika Schwartz

Dr. Lee E. Firestone

Dr. Lee E. Firestone

Dr. David Vieweger

Dr. David Vieweger

Patient Survey Reviews

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  1. Dr. Robles was very personable and also clear in her explanation of my diagnosis. I felt that she had genuine interest and concern for my well-being.

  2. Dr. Firestone is a caring, gentle, communicative, respectful doctor. He has the inclination to explain fully a procedure on the phone and, again, in the office. A wonderful manner.

  3. I've seen Dr. Firestone before this visit. He's always addressed my concerns professionally, shares with me what he is about to do, explains everything that happens during the visit, explains medical issues in a way that is understandable to the lay person.

  4. Dr Firestone always explains everything in clear language. I always leave feeling as though I have all my questions answered and in a way that I can understand.

  5. Staff was FABULOUS It's a big WOW!

  6. Dr. Robles was excellent at diagnosing, and explaining my foot problems. Very thorough, and nice to talk to. Would definitely recommend her.

  7. Dr. Firestone was excellent. No complaints

  8. Dr. [Schwartz] is a kind ,highly competent doctor

  9. Dr. Robles was terrific

  10. I was really impressed by everyone in this office, from reception, through testing, through Dr. Firestone's interaction with me (and his treatment). Outstanding!

  11. Dr. Robles is great. Love the detailed explanations. She's professional, friendly, comfortable to talk with.

  12. Dr. Schwartz was very friendly and thorough. She was also very patient and kind.

  13. Dr [Robles-Sherman] took time to explain in detail the abnormality that developed in my foot.

  14. Huge fan of Dr. Schwartz!

  15. Erin is great, super easy to talk to.

  16. Dr. Firestone was exceptionally friendly and knowledgeable. He thoroughly explained the issue with my foot, and offered helpful options to ameliorate the pain. He also explained why a previous radiologist had misjudged an x-ray and given a poor prognosis. I am very grateful for his expertise!

  17. The attitude of staff makes a visit pleasant or awful. I commented at the time that the staff niceness, friendliness and willingness to help made me so happy. You don’t,know how nasty some doctor’s offices can be—I do. Your staff is superior and the friendliness seemed genuine. I saw it with each patient who came in. The staff and doctors seemed to really like working there and working together. Thank,you so much. The doctor was efficient and helpful,in every respect.

  18. Dr. Schwartz offers practical, direct, specific, comprehensible assessments and potential solutions, all with enthusiasm and energy. She inspires confidence that I'm placing my feet -- literally and figuratively -- in good hands.

  19. Dr Schwartz was very thorough, patient and competent and provided complete information and answers to all my questions. The pre-surgery diagnosis and interim treatment, surgery and post operative visits and care were excellent. The doctor was conservative and proposed alternatives to surgery to alleviate the discomfort prior to making the decision to go ahead with the surgery. I appreciated that step-wise approach. I will return to her for any foot related medical problems in the future. I feel confident in her skill and in her hands.

  20. Dr. [Robles-Sherman] is an excellent physician in every sense of the word. She is so [knowledgeable], explains everything so well, always is joyful and helpful and her straight-forward approach adds confidence and trust. Also, her assistant is so welcoming and added to my comfort level.