Let’s talk toenails. Not necessarily pretty, not necessarily functional, but they are a bonafide body part that deserves respect. Even more than respect, toenails deserve happiness!

They deserve to look good, and feel good! Here’s the great news – podiatrists, everyday, help toenails be their best… YAY!!!

YOUR toenails can be their best, too.

And it’s usually quite easy!

Basic home care, and periodic professional guidance, can get your toes a starring role at the next neighborhood pool party 🙂

Fungus toenails?  Ingrown toenails?  No problem!  Podiatrists treat these everyday.  We can eliminate the guess-work by taking a nail culture to determine the most appropriate treatment options. There are many topical medicines and in some severe cases, oral medicines to erase unsightly and often times, painful thick fungal nails. In fact, many of our offices, not only here in North Carolina but also in Virginia and Maryland, have laser treatments for toenails. Some of our offices also have medical grade pedicure salons.

Skin and soft tissue infections can also develop around these ingrown nails. Podiatrists in our offices can perform procedures to resolve and prevent serious problems. If you are diabetic or have poor circulation, these problems can lead to serious consequences so it is important not to delay and get checked.

Go see a podiatrist today, and give your toenails the respect they deserve… give them happiness!!

Dr Woelffer performing toenail
fungus laser treatment.
Dr Woelffer enjoying a full-service Medical Pedicure at
Raleigh Foot and Ankle Center.



Dr. Kirk Woelffer East Coast PodiatristDr. Kirk Woelffer is the Official Podiatrist of both the North Carolina FC professional men’s soccer team and the North Carolina Courage professional women’s soccer team, and he also serves as Company Consultant for the Carolina Ballet.

He works in two offices for your convenience- Raleigh, NC (Holly Springs) and Raleigh, NC (Millbrook).

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