Dr. Osterman Interviewed on Local Radio Station WPFW

Dr. Howard G. Osterman was featured on local radio station WPFW 89.3 FM on November 23, during the Community Watch and Comment – Monday segment at 11am.  The segment is broadcasted weekday mornings and discusses various local businesses and issues.  Host Gloria Minott interviewed Dr. Osterman about diabetes awareness, for seniors in particular. “We have an aging population,” Dr. Osterman said, “and as people age, there are many conditions that can occur and cause problems – diabetes is certainly one of them. Our population is heavier than it should be, and as we get older, Type II diabetes is becoming an epidemic.” He discussed certain signs that someone might need to seek medical care for the feet: any open sores, which have the potential for infection; ingrown toenails; small cuts or wounds; and thick calluses. He suggested frequent exercise to encourage bloodflow and circulation to the feet, wearing appropriate footwear, and seeing a podiatrist twice a year. Visit WPFW’s website to hear the entire show.

Dr. Osterman practices in the Silver Spring/Fenton Street, Eye Street NW, and Chevy Chase offices, with his associates, Drs. Tulpule, Gerres, and Matai.  FASMA has 24 locations throughout DC, Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania.