Dr. Melody Stouder Published in Journal of Foot and Ankle Research

Dr. Melody Stouder, of the Hagerstown division, was recently published in the Journal of Foot and Ankle Research. In her article titled “Correlating Pre-Operative MRI Measurements of Metatarsal Osteomyelitis with Surgical Clean Margins Reveals the Need for a One Centimeter Resection Margin,” the researchers discuss how due to high incidence of forefoot ulcerations, there has been an increased demand for partial ray amputations. From their research, they gathered that their protocol had effective and meaningful results. They write “By performing a 1 cm resection margin proximal to the metatarsal osteomyelitis the proximal margin rate was reduced to clinically meaningful levels. These preliminary findings support using a 1 cm resection margin when performing any form of metatarsal amputation, to reduce the risk of residual osteomyelitis post-operatively.” Read the entire published article here.

Congratulations on your publication, Dr. Stouder!