Dr. Man Cho and Dr. Priya Parthasarathy Featured in APMA Spring Campaign Videos

Many people are not aware that the condition of their feet can serve as an early warning sign of larger issues, speaking to the value of preventive medicine. As part of the APMA Spring Campaign Video Series, various topics within Podiatric Medicine are discussed.





My Podiatrist Saved my Life

This episode in the series titled “My Podiatrist Saved my Life” featuring Dr. Man Cho, discusses vascular disease and its diagnosis. Dr. Cho and the patient featured in the video discuss the gentleman’s appointment with Dr. Cho regarding his swollen toes, leading to the identification of something far more serious. Click the video image below to watch this informative piece.

Diabetes and Vascular Disease

In this episode, Dr. Priya Parthasarathy briefly explains the cause-and-effect relationship between diabetes, indicators to help people recognize when to seek help and tips on diabetes management.