Dr. Gene Mirkin Discusses Orthotics in Podiatry Today

Foot and Ankle Specialists of the Mid-Atlantic, LLC (“FASMA”) podiatrist Gene S. Mirkin, DPM, was recently featured in the Volume 28, Issue 8 edition of Podiatry Today, published in August 2015. Dr. Mirkin joined a panel of experts to discuss the benefits of orthotics on certain conditions, such as bunions. Prominent bunions are irritated when tight shoes rub and press against them. “When a patient does have a prominent bunion, one prone to irritation from rubbing, an orthotic can help in the right shoe,” Dr. Mirkin says. “Correctly posted orthotics can decrease the rubbing of the bunion against the shoe and provide relief.” For athletes with bunions, orthotics relieve pain as an alternative to surgery. Dr. Mirkin also discusses the use of orthotics for hammertoe deformities and Achilles tendinosis, as well as techniques to modify the orthotics for the best results.

Dr. Gene Mirkin practices in FASMA’s Kensington and White Oak offices.