Risk Management

Risk Mitigation and Patient Safety

We believe that a strong, proactive risk management program reduces patient harm, improves quality of care, protects the organization from liability exposure, and increases staff, provider, and patient satisfaction.

As part of the Compliance Department, Risk Management partners with providers and administrators to ensure patient and staff safety, manages risk and liabilities, responds to claims of clinical malpractice, addresses patient complaints, and assures continuous accreditation of our facilities through compliance with Federal and State regulations.

Out team works closely with affiliated practices and clinical leadership in pursuit of our primary responsibility – to protect the practice’s interest while managing clinical risk and safety.

To that extent, we:

  • Coordinate processes involved in managing general liability and risk exposures
  • Manage lawsuits and act as a liaison for liability claims
  • Review medical records for liability issues
  • Conduct risk-management training programs
  • Support patient safety and performance improvement initiatives
  • Implement and manage our OSHA compliance program and employee safety initiatives
  • Oversee, trend, and mitigate unanticipated events
  • Work with accrediting agencies and protect our facilities accreditations through onsite audits and mock surveys
  • Investigate patient complaints
  • Oversee and direct our practice’s quality assurance program