So you can’t run, now what do I do?

So  you have been training for months for a race and running the best you have in years only to be stopped  short  by an injury.  This is not an uncommon story unfortunately but don’t throw in the towel just  yet.  You need to switch gears and start to  cross-train or switch to an exercise that does not cause your pain and is easier on your body. Cross-training can be very beneficial to runners. ( Etxebarria N, Mujika I, Pyne DB. Training and Competition Readiness in Triathlon. Sports (Basel). 2019;7(5).)  While running may be one of the best workouts, sometimes… Continue Reading

What’s wrong with wearing flip flops?

When individuals are asked why they wear flip flops, most of them usually say because they are comfortable. This is ironic because in the summertime many patients develop pain BECAUSE they have been wearing flip flops every day. Flip flops are one of the least supportive types of shoes on the market. Walking while wearing basic flip flops is similar to walking barefoot. Flip flops do not provide structural support for the joints in the foot, therefore the tendons and muscles have to work harder to stabilize the foot. Also, the lack of arch support and lack of heel cushioning… Continue Reading

FASMA Expands in Chapel Hill, NC

Foot and Ankle Specialists of the Mid-Atlantic (FASMA) has expanded in North Carolina with its newest division in Chapel Hill, NC, with the joining of Chapel Hill Foot & Ankle Associates on August 1, 2020. With the partnership of the office in Chapel Hill, FASMA will function in 55 locations across DC, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and North Carolina.   Drs. Jane Andersen, Alan Bocko, and Katherine Williams   Alan Bocko, DPM, is a graduate of California School of Podiatric Medicine at Samuel Merritt University and completed his residency at Stanford University Medical Center and DVAMC in Palo Alto, California. Jane… Continue Reading