Prevention of Swollen Feet & Legs During Travel

Early this year, before anyone had heard of Covid-19, my husband and I traveled abroad to India.  We flew across oceans for nearly 16 hours.  During that time, I remained quite active, especially with my feet.  To adjacent passengers, it probably seemed like I was a high maintenance traveler, as I often stretched out, took frequent walks about the cabin, changed out compression stockings, frequently removed shoes, and even extended my legs for massages (begrudgingly provided by my husband).  What the passengers didn’t know, and what my loving husband did, was that, as a Podiatrist, I acted to avoid swollen… Continue Reading

Arthritis.. It can happen to Kids too!

Children can be hard to treat, whether it by your own or your patients. Often when we think of arthritis we immediately associate that with the older individuals rather than our pediatric population.  Juvenile arthritis (JA) is an autoimmune disease, therefore not usually hereditary, caused by inflammation (swelling) of the synovium, which is the lining of joints, occurring to children aged 16 or younger with girls more likely to develop JA than boys. Juvenile arthritis affects nearly 300,000 children in the United States. The most prevalent form of juvenile arthritis is juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) (also known as juvenile rheumatoid… Continue Reading

Plantar Plate Injuries

Are you experiencing pain under your 2nd toe(lesser toe) when walking? Have you noticed a slight gap between your 2nd and 3rd toes?  You may be suffering from a plantar plate injury. The plantar plate is a thickening of the joint capsule found under each of the bases of the lesser toes. This structure is responsible for stabilizing the lesser toes, helping you push off from your toes when walking, and preventing the very common “hammertoe” deformity.  Injuries to the plantar plate can be caused by poor shoes such as high heels, walking barefoot on hard surfaces, and impact exercises… Continue Reading

FASMA Expands in Charlotte, NC

Foot and Ankle Specialists of the Mid-Atlantic (FASMA) expands with its most recent division, Ryan Foot and Ankle, adding five locations in the Charlotte, NC area, including Ballantyne, Concord, Harrisburg, South Park, and University area. Drs.(L-R) Scott Whitman, Michael Ryan, Bradley Lind, Matthew Borns, David Garchar and Jeffrey Glaser Michael Ryan, DPM, is a graduate of Dr. William M. Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine and completed his residency at Liberty Medical Center, in Baltimore, MD. Matthew Borns, DPM, is a graduate of Kent State University and completed his residency at Southern Arizona Veterans Hospital in Tucson, AZ. David Garchar, DPM… Continue Reading