Privacy Policy

FASMA LLC will not disclose your personal information to any other party or for any other reason other than as set out on this web site without your prior consent.

Except to the extent that FASMA LLC is required or permitted by law, personal information provided by you to FASMA LLC will be used for the purposes connected with the marketing of our products and services.

FASMA LLC may wish from time to time to send you information about our services. If you do not wish to receive any such information, you should e-mail us at, or telephone us at 301-933-7133, or fax us at 301-933-7137, advising us that you do not wish to receive such information.

Under the Privacy Act of 1974, as a data subject, you are granted certain rights. If you would like to know what information FASMA LLC holds about you, where we obtained such information, and to whom we have disclosed it, you may submit a written request for these details to FASMA LLC at the address set out on our contact page. FASMA LLC may charge you a statutory administration fee to comply with your request.