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How can hammer toe be treated?

If the hammer toe condition has become rigid (inflexible, fixed, permanent), surgery may be required, with a goal of realigning the toe. Procedures may include:

• Cutting or lengthening tendons.

• Transferring a tendon to another place.

• Shaving a small piece of bone from the prominent knuckle.

• Insertion of a steel pin to fix the corrected position of the toe.

If surgery is necessary, a period of several weeks in an open-toed surgical shoe that acts like a splint will probably be required.

Surgery can be done under local anesthesia, with just one needle, in our out-patient ambulatory center. If desired, IV sedation can be given for those who do not wish to be aware that anything is being done. In either case, you are usually on your way home 25 to 30 minutes after the procedure.

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How can I relieve the symptoms of hammer toe?

The symptoms of hammer toe and the other related conditions of mallet toe and claw toe can be relieved with conservative measures, if treated early enough, before the abnormal position becomes rigidly fixed. Try these methods:

• Wear shoes with soft and roomy toe boxes (at least ½ inch longer than the longest toe).
• Avoid wearing high heels.
• Stretch the upper part of the shoe to accommodate a fixed hammer toe.
• Strengthen toe muscles with exercises, such as picking up marbles with the toes, and    stretching exercises.
• Wear orthotics.
• Wear soft pads over the corns or calluses.
• Shave off thickened skin with a pumice stone or file.

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