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Heel Pain in Children

Published Sunday May 15, 2016

Heel pain is a common complaint in adults. Heel pain can also occur in childhood but it is typically produced by a different mechanism. As children go through “growth spurts” between the age of 11 and 14, the muscles and tendons in their legs can become tight as they try to keep up with the rapid growth in the long bones. Heel pain in children typically is the result of a tight Achilles tendon. In children, there is a thin irregular shaped band of cartilage in the back portion of the heel bone called a growth plate (see x-ray image… Read More

Sesamoid Injuries of the Great Toe Joint

Published Friday April 15, 2016

Spring is upon us, and choices of shoe gear change, as well as increased levels of outdoor weight-bearing activities, which can set us up for sesamoid injuries of the great toe joint.  Sesamoid injuries are common, but often overlooked injuries to the great toe joint.  Proper diagnosis and early treatment intervention is essential.   Most people experience pain in their underlying great toe joint made worse with weight-bearing activity. So what exactly are sesamoids? Sesamoids are accessory bones found throughout the body.  They are found embedded in tendons and act as pulleys to increase the power and efficiency of those… Read More

​Treating Bunions Conservatively

Published Wednesday March 9, 2016

No matter what season it is, you may be thinking it’s time to do something about that large bump coming out of the outside of your big toe joint. In medical terms, that bump is called a bunion or hallux valgus. Bunions form when the metatarsal bone starts to shift out of place. Day after day, you walk thousands of steps on your feet. With years of this repetitive insult to your feet, it is not hard to imagine why bunions can cause such debilitating pain. The joint may even become so stiff, arthritic and sore that shoes are too… Read More

Confusion Over Over-The-Counter Inserts and Prescription Orthotics

Published Tuesday February 23, 2016

The ongoing confusion involving expensive prescription custom orthotics and relatively inexpensive over-the-counter arch supports lies not only in their purported efficacy but in the plethora of choices offered on-line and in retail stores as well as in medical offices.  Foam molds to make foot impressions are available from on-line marketers, and Amazon lists no fewer than twenty different arch supports, wraps, and braces proven to resolve your foot pain. A Parade Magazine advertisement touts a reflexology- like device guaranteeing weight loss with frequent use. CVS stores have partnered with Dr. Scholl’s to prescribe a specific arch device based on data… Read More

Lumps, Bumps, & Moles

Published Tuesday January 12, 2016

Most people don’t pay attention to their feet or legs until they start feeling pain, but many skin cancers of the feet and/or legs are painless. Because of this, skin cancers on the feet and/or legs can often go undetected.  Therefore, it is very important to keep an eye on your feet and/or legs and inspect them on a regular basis. It is a common misunderstanding that only sun-exposed skin is more likely to get skin cancer.  There are skin cancers of the feet and/or legs that are related to exposure to chemicals, chronic inflammatory conditions, viruses or inherited traits…. Read More

Obesity and Foot Pain

Published Monday December 21, 2015

“Doctor Tulpule, is my weight contributing to my foot pain?” This question is quite frequently asked by many patients during a consultation exam. Theanswer varies depending on the individual’s BMI (body mass index) and medical history but the general answer is that weight problems can be a contributing factor to foot pain. Feet are responsible for bearing our body weight. The more weight they must bear, the more stress is placed on our soft tissues and joints. This can lead to inflammation and arthritis which then leads to constant pain. Weight gain can also affect posture and this too can… Read More

These Boots are Made for Walking

Published Friday November 20, 2015

As cooler weather settles in and the leaves fall, that means one thing for my shoe wardrobe – it’s boot season! Even as a podiatrist, I am not immune to the call of a truly adorable pair of boots. But unfortunately not all of these lovely shoes are as comfortable as I’d like. That’s where my orthotics come in – versatile prescription supports that can go in whatever shoes they’ll fit in. I put mine in my sneakers, my Chuck Taylors, and of course – my boots! They help my high arches last pain-free all day. Many people have orthotics… Read More

Take Control of Your Diabetes

Published Monday October 19, 2015

Welcome to the FASMA blog. On this blog we will keep you up to date on the latest trends in podiatric medicine, educational resources and some great tips to taking care of your feet. I see many patients who have Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes. I wanted to dedicate this first blog post to those wonderful patients struggling with this condition and give a few pointers on managing your lifestyle. Research has shown that lifestyle changes can prevent and control many complications of the disease. Keep Moving: Exercise and staying active doesn’t have to involve driving 20 minutes to the gym and… Read More